Beginner's guide to Call of Duty: Warzone: What You Should Know

Let’s start at the beginning with a simple mode explanation. You’ll be thrust into a last-player-standing conflict with a total of 150 people in Warzone, which is more than the normal 100 in games like PUBG and Fortnite, and you’ll be assigned to a three-player team by default.

You’ll win the game if you survive until you’re the last team remaining, even if it’s only one of you. But, given that there are around 147 other players who want to accomplish the same thing, it’s a lot easier said than done.

Aside from that fundamental idea, the other significant aspects are that you’ll all start off in an aircraft flying over the battlefield, which is usual for a battle royale. From here, you can check the flight route on the in-game map and plan where you and your friends wish to land, then it’s time to battle tooth and nail for survival from the minute you step out of the aircraft. If you stand in the regularly closing ring of deadly gas, you will die in a matter of seconds. If you can avoid getting murdered by other players, and simply being killed in general, you’ll have a chance.

Basic Warzone tips: how it differs from standard battle royales

In a number of respects, Warzone is different from other games in the genre, such as PUBG, Fortnite, and Apex Legends. Here’s a list of the most important:

  • Weapon attachments aren’t included in the loot – you’ll still have to loot when you arrive, but you’ll have at least a pistol, which is more than most!
  • In-game, you may choose from a variety of ready-to-use builds that will fully equip you.
  • When you reach a specific amount of kills, you may activate killstreaks, which allow you to do things like call in airstrikes or attack helicopters.
  • In Apex Legends and Fortnite, the majority of loot is found in chests. On the ground, you’ll only find a modest quantity of low-quality stuff.
  • You may acquire and finish Contracts in-game for treasure and other prizes.
  • It is possible for you to respawn! You can, at least, in theory. That will be discussed further down.

Tips for conquering Warzone and how to Get Some in Call of Duty: Warzone

Warzone, like many battle royale games, maybe intimidating – particularly for newcomers, and especially since Warzone features more overlapping systems and UI than most! Here’s a breakdown of some of the most useful early advice we’ve learned so far in our time with the game.

Warzone fundamentals and general advice

1. While you’re still in the air from the aircraft travel, you can shoot people. When you open and close your parachute, you’ll be able to draw your weapon and fire at other adversaries both in the air and below as you plunge to the earth. Just keep a mind to reopen your ‘chute later!

2. Your parachute may be reused indefinitely. Unlike PUBG or even Fortnite, you may deploy your parachute many times while falling from an aircraft and at any other moment when you’re far enough away from the ground: plummeting from the top of a medium-rise structure, jumping out of a helicopter, and so on. It’s also handy for covering short distances rapidly!

3. For the majority of the game, the ‘circle’ – the safe zone where you won’t be affected by the gas, shown by a white circle on the map – advances in smaller increments than other battle royales. You’ll seldom be fully displaced over the first three-quarters of a game, so if you get to the center, you can expect to remain there for a long.

4. The Gulag allows each player to resurrect once. More information may be found in our dedicated Warzone Gulag guide, but the essentials are as follows: when you die, you enter a 1v1 scenario, with the winner returning to the action near their squad. You are only allowed to go once. You may also purchase a self-revive ability from an in-game shop, and your team can “buy you back in” by visiting one of the designated stores on the map (which you can ping regularly while you’re dead).

5. There are shops inside the game! On your map, they are indicated by miniature retail trollies. Visit one and spend the money you earned in that match – through kills and looting – on items like more armor plates, self-resurrection ability, and other perks.

6. Spend your money early and frequently as a norm. At $4500, self-resurrect takes precedence; beyond that, you have an option, but don’t sit on your money. Even if you return through the Gulag, you lose all you own if you die, thus there’s no use in hoarding unless you’re saving for something special.

7. Early in the game, take on some contracts. After you’ve done some looting, try your hand at some nearby contracts, which are highlighted on your map with small target or flag symbols and frequently provide incentives for accomplishment. When individuals are spread out early in the game, the danger is nearly always outweighed by the payoff, thus identifying foes as bounties or chests as loot goals is useful in and of itself!

8. The gas is quick and does a lot of harm. This isn’t like other games where you can sneakily hide in the gas for a long (particularly since that the early Warzone gas hack has been rectified! ), so don’t waste your time there. Don’t be caught out if you’re using an edge-of-the-circle method (more on that below).

9. In the pre-game, you may earn some XP. Get some XP for your weapons or general character by killing people in the pre-match “warmup” phase while everyone else is loading in. It’s also entertaining and beneficial practice while passing the time.

10. Items are color-coded according to their rarity, which reflects their quality in most cases (but not always). Green is uncommon, blue is rare, purple is epic, and orange is legendary. The rarity of an item also reflects how many attachments or bonuses it has, up to a maximum of four!

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For the time being, that’s all we have for Warzone advice! We’ll pick up much more as the game progresses, but hopefully this gets you off to a great start. Good luck, and have a good time!

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